Is Diane Weber Hederman false enough for Canada?

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I am writing this text in answer to the racist and false accusations of Diane Weber Hederman made in the Huff Post Canada. Never in my life, I had the shame of reading such a piece of refuse made of words recycled from the garbage of ignorance.

I am not writing this response for the Ti-Counes in Quebec. It’s a waste of time as they have long ago forgotten that honor like language is worth fighting for; too busy dealing with the next hockey pool. I am not writing this response for the Canadians; well because they don’t care anyway since there is a new baby in Birmingham Palace and have forgotten long ago what it is to be Canadians by rewriting their history.

I write this response because I have one value left and it is the value of truth which Hederman was able to challenge through her bigotry.

I am tired of Canada playing the role of virgin in relation to anti-Semitism when it was as much as a prostitute as Quebec.

I would suggest Hederman to read this article from The Jewish Daily Forward “When Jews Fleeing Holocaust and Nazis Shared Same Canadian Prison Camps”

Read more:

In this text, the author in his analysis made this wonderful and true statement:

“The Protestants believed ethnic minorities lacked Canadian values, a view similar to that of Quebecois nationalists, who believed the province should remain both French and Catholic. Jews faced quotas in universities, were blocked from various professional fields and barred from certain neighborhoods.”

There it is; the Canadian federalist is not superior to the Quebecois nationalist. They both went into bed with anti-Semitism.

Now let’s look at another wonderful text written in Fight Hatred “A Look Back at Canada’s Anti-Semitic History: Frederick Charles Blair”. In this text, the author stated:

“Even if Jews met the immigration requirements, they were often turned away. A notable example followed Kristallnacht, or the Night of the Broken Glass, when the Canadian Jewish Congress allocated funds to financially sponsor 10,000 Jewish refugees. Despite this, the Canadian government rejected their proposal.
This decision can be attributed to the widespread anti-Semitism in Canada in the 1930s. In Historian David Rome’s Clouds in the Thirties, Rome wrote, “The reluctance of the Canadian government to admit Jewish refugees in any great numbers was a fair reflection of public opinion […] which was a strong Anglo-Saxon nativism permeated with Anti-Semitism.””

There it is; anti-Semitism in Canada was the result of strong Anglo-Saxon nativism. There was no little Quebecois Devil with its “langue francaise fourchue” to tell Frederick Charles Blair to hate the Jews. Sorry, Hederman, these little Quebecois Devils with their langue francaise fourchue were too busy with their own ears and hatred.

Finally, too often we use Quebec personalities who supported fascism and the Nazi ideals to judge Quebec while ignoring such personalities in Canada. But most of all and too often people like Hederman don’t study these Quebecois who supported the cause of the Nazi.

Such personality is Adrien Arcand but it is kept hidden that Arcand was an anglophile and the values he promoted were not those of Quebec but the British values. Let us remember the oath of Arcand’s party, the National Unity Party of Canada, the result of the fusion of his Parti National Social Chrétien with the Prairie Provinces’ Canadian Nationalist Party and Ontario’s Nationalist Party:

“Moved by the unshakable faith in God, a profound love for Canada, ardent sentiments of patriotism and nationalism, a complete loyalty and devotion toward our Gracious Sovereign who forms the recognized principle of active authority, a complete respect for the British North America Act…”

Where is the mention of Quebec? No Arcand’s anti-Semitism was motivated by his faith in a Gracious British Sovereign, a British monarchy which had some of the Royals supporting Nazi idealism.

The last act of courage of the Quebecois was when they fought conscription. Asking why the Quebecois did not want to fight to save the British is like to ask why the slaves in America did not fight to save the South. Who would fight for those who have marked you for extermination as stated in the Durham report?

As for condemning Quebec for not wanting to fight for France because the Quebecois felt no connections to France is like condemning the American blacks for not going to fight in South Africa because they felt no connections for this country and continent. For this statement alone, Heberman is guilty of tribal bigotry.

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