Regarding the author…

Richard Proteau worked in the financial industry all of his professional life.  After earning different financial industry designations such as FLMI, CLU, RHU and CFP, he wrote many articles regarding fiscal policies pertaining to investment and life insurance. He was a speaker at many industry conferences. His last position was as a VP of sales for the province of Quebec for a large insurance company. While he has since sought new interests, he still is involved in the financial industry as an advocate for the consumer rights of investors and insurance policy holders. He is currently lobbying for changes to regulations to make disclosure of guarantees mandatory for segregated funds when it is replaced by another investment in order to ensure that segregated funds policyholders are not deprived of billions of dollars in the forms of guarantees that would be taken as profits by insurance companies if they are cancelled. He will be submitting a report on the commercial practices of insurance companies to the Senate and Parliament in 2013. He is also currently writting a novel of truth and fiction regarding fraud in the financial industry titled: REGULATED CRIMES


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  1. Carol Mckeown says:

    How can I reach you, I have something to talk about.

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